Three Ways to Make Football Fun

Tom Cleverley GOOAAAALLL!

by  eschipul 

Every unfashionable man loves football. There’s chanting involved and, of course, a few beers with the lads on a Saturday afternoon.

Although some of the game’s highest paid stars may possess the traits of a fashionable man (think hair gel and straighteners like Cristiano Ronaldo), those that follow the sport are, more often than not, “men”.

However, while we all dearly love the game and have no problem getting drawn into the action, there are times when a mid-table clash against two defensive teams just isn’t enough to set the pulse racing. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to inject a fresh dose of fun into your football antics.

Whether you’re with your mates down the local or at home browsing the internet, there’s more than a few ways to spice up the beautiful game.

Have a Cheeky Flutter

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by  stevendepolo 

If there’s one thing that men love doing during a football match, other than drinking and commentating on the action, it’s having a flutter. Whether it’s a cheeky wager on your favourite team or a juicy accumulator, everyone loves a football bet and some of the best bets you can have are against your mates.

However, before you start proclaiming to be the football oracle and responsibly throwing out potential wagers, it’s a good idea to boost your knowledge of the latest comings and goings in the football world. For example, the latest League Cup fixtures look a little dull and you want to inject some more excitement in the matches, you should pick up the latest League Cup betting news at sites such as bet365.

Because the bookies need to keep their finger on football’s pulse in order to set the correct odds, you can often find more news and reviews inside these portals than you can at other media outlets. Once you’ve done this you’ll not only be clued up for the forthcoming games, but you’ll be in a position to dominate your mates in any impromptu betting sessions.

Fantasy Football Manager

Fergie time: the extra minutes added to the end of a match when United are behind

by  dullhunk 

If you’ve never played fantasy football then now is the time to start. Much like a friendly wager with your mates, fantasy football is a way for you to show off your football knowledge and triumph over your friends in a battle of wits. The premise is simple, pick a squad of players within a set budget and score points throughout the season based on each player’s performances.

One of the reasons this can be a great way to enhance your football fun is that most people dropout halfway through the season. Because of this you can easily climb up the ranks and claim the top prize if you’re able to commit to a season like a true pro.

Make a Pick, Down a Drink

Beer sampler

by  QuinnDombrowski 

While we certainly don’t advocate drinking to excess, a couple of pints during a 90-minute match can be just the tonic. Of course, simply purchasing a pint and pressing it to your lips is far from entertaining, which is why the pick’em game is a great one to play. The rules are simple, tune into a live results show, such as Soccer Saturday, pick three first names each and watch the goalscorers roll in. Each time a player with the name you picked scores a goal your opponents have to take a sip of drink and at the end of the game the player with the most drink left is declared the winner.

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