Too Many Ts – ‘The TP’ EP – May 13th – Drop Cat Records

In an industry which often takes itself very seriously, we would very much recommend that everyone should check out the hip-hop duo Too Many Ts. This pair of London rappers are doing two very important things in these very difficult times for the independent industry – they are creating original sounding music and doing it with a real sense of humour.

Some of it is crass and arguably slightly juvenile, but that doesn’t make any of the Too Many Ts lyrics any less funny – subverting rhymes and constructing lines to humourous effect. This is best demonstrated in the excellent, dialogue based ‘It Ain’t Right’:

As you’ll hear from this track too, this isn’t your average hip hop sound. The beats that back the vocals are more based in swing and jazz than in pop, with looped samples offering a retro sound which makes this pair genuinely fresh. It’s an approach that stretches throughout their full 4 track EP, and may well mark out Too Many Ts as an act with a legit chance of breaking the glass ceiling in the music industry.


By Carl Ysis

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