Top 3 Cars People Buy As Their First Car

Whether it’s you buying your first car or perhaps you’re buying one for someone else, there’s a few cars you need to be looking out for, and a couple that you definitely need to make sure you’re watching out for. There are some cars that will suit people more than others, and there are some cars that will suit nobody at all. There are also some things that you need to know about the buying process in general. It’s such an expensive game to get a car, and if you get the wrong one and have to keep doing repairs, filling up the tank, or whatever else the car might require, the money will never stop flowing into the car! So, we want to try and show you a few cars that will ensure you’re getting the right one first time around!

Volkswagen Up!

The cars we’re going to list today are all mid-range cars. What we mean by that is you’re going to have to dip your hand into your pocket a little bit, but you’re also going to get a lot for your money. In a lot of peoples opinions, this car is a complete all-rounder. It drives well it’s good on fuel, it’s low on tax, and it actually has a surprisingly large amount of power for such a little car. You can get both manual and diesel transmission. Standard 1.0-litre models produce around 89bhp, which is not so bad for such a small engine. But, from the small engine, you benefit efficiency and low tax and insurance. For younger or older drivers this is the perfect option. There’s no such thing as the best time to buy a new car, and the Volkswagen Up! Is definitely a car that you could purchase for any location, and any need. It’s also really spacious inside believe it or not! You can even get the GTI version which boosts the car to around 113bhp for those of you who need more speed.


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Vauxhall Corsa

Vauxhall Corsa. The humble first-time drivers car. For a couple of years now this has been up there with the most popular car, and that definitely increase when they brought out the new shapes a couple of years back. They’re great for practicality and price, although you will find that they are more expensive to insurance and to run than the Volkswagen Up! You can get different litres and models, but they generally are more expensive to buy. However, you get that sports look, sporty drive, and a car that’s going to last you a long time. Vauxhalls have an excellent track record for safety and durability.

Peugeot 208

A Peugeot is the perfect car if you’re looking for one that feels slightly bigger, drivers like it weighs nothing and is excellent on fuel. Some of the Active range boast 65.7mpg, meaning you won’t find yourself stopping at the petrol station often. We do think that the 5 door versions are better than the 3. The doors on the 5 door version are much lighter than the 3. We would definitely get the smaller engine as well. They have enough speed and power and are the cheapest to run.

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