Upcoming urban Artist, Goldi, releases debut single ‘Typa Chick’

Goldi is a young singer/songwriter originating from East London/Essex. With her spontaneous style of writing, her punchy lyrics and sassy attitude, Goldi’s new track ‘Typa Chick’ impacts with everything a first single should be.

Growing up listening to soul music and Motown, Goldi has always been highly influenced by this particular era. After struggling to fit in at school Goldi turned to music at a young age, and after starring in several musicals she discovered a passion for performing that she decided she just had to pursue.


Goldi has consistently worked since the age of twelve, sometimes holding down two jobs at a time in order to support her ambition. After moving on from musical theatre, Goldi auditioned for several music projects in and around London, where she began an artist development deal with an independent record label. This enabled Goldi to express her creative writing capability – having written her first song at the age of seven, Goldi was finally able to record her first track. After her contract ended, she was scouted by a music manager and since then she has worked with Solo Solid Crew and several producers.

Goldi’s ambition and hard-working attitude has led to her striking out on her own. Having formed a partnership with London based production company ‘Knightstarr’ Goldi now works religiously with them. She loves trying new things in the studio, experimenting with her sound with no limitations, and her new single ‘Typa Chick’ channels the brilliant spontaneity of being lost in the moment. Its catchy hook and upbeat tempo will inspire dance-floors all over the UK, and the sexy and conspicuous video reveals her as a force to be reckoned with on the urban music scene.

“I know what I want, I don’t always get it right but I will get it, I’m prepared to work my ass off until I do” – Goldi

Goldi’s single ‘Typa Chick’ will be released on the 9th December, you can watch the video for her track here:

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