US songwriter Lonna Marie – Stunning country-pop EP out now

Subtle but powerful, such are the songs of the excellent US based songwriter Lonna Marie on her new EP ‘The Worst has Just Begun’. It might sound a drab title for an EP, but I can assure you the songs on it are anything but. With the likes of ‘Drifting’ (above) and ‘Gently’ (below), Lonna Marie is showing that country pop isn’t just the domain of full on mainstream artists like Taylor Swift – there’s plenty of room in there for other voices and visions too.

A creative mind all around, Lonna Marie is not only a talented songwriter, but a smart thinker.

Not wanting to rest on her laurels as a songwriter, Lonna Marie has also made a name for herself with some of the biggest brands in the world, getting their attention by writing unsolicited, but brilliant, jingles for Dropbox and Paypal. The former loved her approach so much that they invited her to their San Francisco keynote event and introduced her to the crowd, while the latter named her their first official ‘Fan of the Month’.

It’s this kind of rounded approach to getting her name out there that will see Lonna Marie become a success – sooner than later.

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