Using Style To Express Yourself – Here’s How To Do It

If there’s one great way to express yourself, it’s with your very own style. You can express yourself in other ways – through art, music, and of course, the way you speak. However, your style gives off an impression when people first see you, whether you like it or not. Here’s how you can say more about who you are without saying anything at all.

Pick A Color Palette

Start by picking a color palette that speaks to you. You don’t always need to adhere to this, but it can make shopping and dressing so much easier as you know everything is going to work well together.Dress For Your Lifestyle

You don’t want to dress in a way that is at odds with your lifestyle and will make you feel uncomfortable. You want to look good, express yourself, but remain functional. It won’t matter how great you look otherwise, you won’t like what you’re wearing! Make sure you consider your lifestyle and how important comfort is to you when dressing and shopping.

Using Style To Express Yourself - Here's How To Do It


Avoid Fast Fashion – Invest in Pieces You Love Instead

Fast fashion is so easy to come by, but it doesn’t last long and the people who make it get paid a pittance. Instead, buy from independent designers and eco friendly sources. Make sure the pieces are high quality and will last, and that they care about the environment. Make sure you love each piece you buy, too! Fast fashion pieces often end up on the landfill, as they go out of style just as quickly as they came in. Make sure you have your own sense of style to adhere to, and purchase quality pieces in alignment with that. Places like Arthur Knight offer high quality shoes that will last a very long time with the right care. It’s always worth saving and spending a bit more, less often, than spending less more often.

Know What Your Message Is When Dressing

What are you trying to say with your outfit? You can look at it as a piece of art if you like. Knowing your message will help you to get ready for each day with confidence.

Create A Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe makes it even easier to get dressed, as almost everything you own works well with one another. You don’t have ‘too much’ either. You have just enough of what you need to mix and match outfits for every occasion while knowing your style perfectly.

Don’t Forget To Add Accessories To Your Look

Accessories can transform a look, so don’t forget to add them on. A subtle piece of jewellery or even a not so subtle hat or bag can add to your look and say so much about your mood for the day. Have fun with them and experiment. Figure out whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist to get started!

Are you ready to express yourself using your style? Use the above tips and you’ll eventually become more confident with it!

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