Using Technology To Let Yourself Be Lazy

There’s so much tech geared to actually getting up and out there these days that it can be quite frankly exhausting. Whether you’re using dating apps (which actually require you to get out and you know… date) or fitness apps (awesome for keeping track in the gym…), they’re catered to being active. Technology for fitness is exactly what the industry has been gearing up for, and it’s a great direction to be going in, but sometimes we just want to chill, and it’s important that we still make time to do that. So don’t panic. Here is a list of some of the best technological advancements which allow us to be as lazy as we like. All you need is a smartphone and a computer. YES.


So this is a big one for a lot of men, to be honest. Whether you prefer your consoles, PC games or online gaming, there are loads of different ways you can get your kicks and have a laugh. Gaming can be as social or anti-social as you like, and so, for fans of the latter, everything’s all good! Even the most outgoing person enjoys a bit of downtime, and that’s the beauty here. There are loads of avenues for you to explore that you probably hadn’t even thought of as well, such as online roulette for UK gamers, in addition to apps to use on your phone when you’re feeling a little bored on the commute.

Takeaway Apps

Face it, no matter how healthily you might eat in the week, sometimes it’s nice to relax with a takeaway on the weekends. Unless you’re in training for something, it can be nice just to chill with carbs, carbs and more carbs. The days of being too lazy to even bother speaking to anyone are over. Thanks to pizza apps, sites like Just Eat and Deliveroo, the takeaway is now even simpler than ever! Sure, it’s not healthy eating from Takeaways all the time, but there are actually options which are good for you and which won’t quite be so heart-stopping out there. Phew.

Taxi Apps

Gone are the days where we have to call the taxi company feeling all flustered because we don’t have a CLUE which corner shop he’s on about picking us up from. Now we just allow our phone’s GPS system to do all the talking for us and get us to our destination in one piece. Things like Uber are so much easier, and so much less effort.

News Apps

“Have you seen the newspapers today?!” – said nobody ever, since about five years ago. These days, for our daily fix of news, we simply have to look to social media. In fact, the “day’s news” is basically no longer a thing, on account of the fact that we now get it in real time. Sure, we’ve always had TV, but now we can read the press straight from our newsfeeds and it is updated hourly or even by the minute!

Errands Apps?!

Okay, even your errands and chores can be outsourced now. SERIOUSLY. Like, even your laundry. It’s basically like Uber and other taxi apps, but someone comes round and takes things away for you so your life can be even easier. Wow.


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