Using Your Hobby To Keep You Active

Hobbies are a great way to boost your happiness levels. Combine that with something that keeps you active, and you will have the perfect happiness combination. Here are a few suggestions to bring some happiness and activities into your life.

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Gardening is a low-key active hobby. Once you have decided what you want to do in your garden, you can start getting to work. Mapping out where your new plants and veggies are going to go is a lot of fun. After you have taken a peek at some gardening ideas on Pinterest, you will hot to trot. If you have a community garden, you will also be able to get to know the people in your area – which is excellent for making friends. It is estimated that gardeners engage in 30% more exercise than non-gardeners. The added bonus is that you will be able to eat and enjoy the things that you grow. When beginning gardening most people don’t consider pest control, most people think of the big brand-name companies. But did you know that there are small, independent exterminators who can offer just as good (or better) service for a fraction of the price? Here in Utah, we’re blessed with an abundance of these small businesses, and I’ve had great success using them in the past. If you’re looking for an exterminator in Utah, be sure to do your research. Get online reviews if you can.


The great thing about hiking as a hobby is that you only need a great pair of walking boots to get started. Almost all cities will have a map or two of the great trails that you can take part in walking around. You can start off by hiking along flatter, more forgiving routes and then work yourself up to the stamina levels required to take on challenging hikes that last days or weeks rather than hours.

Martial Arts

One of the quickest ways to see a considerable increase in your activity levels is to take martial art classes. You can choose from a wide range, Shaolin kung fu training, for example, is a great option. They all have starter classes and taster sessions so you can see if it is the right thing for you. After a few sessions you are going to hooked, and in a few short months, you might find that you are at competition and belt levels that you couldn’t have dreamed of.


Biking holidays are great fun. Although you may not have been on a bike since your teen years, you can still enjoy a really good bike ride. Depending on your fitness level you can go for a leisurely ride along the water’s edge or around parks or more adventurous mountain bikes. It is excellent to do in a group or alone. You can ride a suprising distance in a relatively short time too.


Most regions have a range of team sports like football, basketball or hockey. They are great because you can start at any fitness level and play for fun. Of course, you might like to venture into playing against other teams rather than just friendly games in the club. This is another excellent way to make friends too.

Finding a hobby that gets you moving more can only be a good thing. More so when you can expand your social circles and skill set. While initially, you might not be able to fit too many hours in enjoying your hobby, you might just find that after a few sessions your chomping at the bit to get back to it.

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