VIDEO: C’inky Siwela, ‘My Name in the Echo’

It’s not often that we’ll feature a straight up dance tune here on these pages. However, the case of C’nky Siwela’s new single ‘My Name in the Echo’, we’re happy to make an exception.

The reason for that is that this is not your ‘everyday’ dance pop by a carbon copy pop princess. This is the work of South African pop songwriter C’nky Siwela. He’s already won awards in his home country, and now with his second global digital release he’s hoping to make a name for himself in new territories.

The timing of the single is no surprise when you learn that Siwela is now ramping up for the release of a new album early in 2016. What might surprise you, given that this track is a club-friendly EDM track, is that the album is apparently set to offer more than a touch of jazz to proceedings. His unique approach to pop, adding jazz instruments and styles to the established metrics of pop music, is a great way to set himself apart from his peers.

The album should be a very interesting listen indeed, but in the meantime this single is out now on iTunes.

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