Ward Brothers – 100th Year As An Independent Family Run Business.

Established in 1919, Ward Brothers in Doncaster, Yorkshire is a family run furniture and flooring store with 100 years experience and expertise in fine furniture. Our city centre shop boats over 100 beautiful displays across three floors, all showcasing the very best designs from every top brand supplier around the world. Our collection includes stunning furniture for all occasions from top brands like Alexander & James, Collins & Hayes, Domus by Duresta, Duresta, Dunlopillo, Ercol, Fama, G Plan – Upholstery, Himolla, Hypnos, Iain James, Nathan, Old Charm, Parker Knoll, Sherborne, Skovby, Somnus, Stressless, Tempur and many more. Come and see us in-store, enjoy a complimentary coffee and browse our latest collections. We look forward to seeing you.’


Alexander & James

Great British sofa designers Alexander & James deliver a fresh approach to upholstery design taking British heritage styles and giving them a modern day twist. All sofas are hand crafted using only the finest materials, including solid hardwood frames, natural leathers and high grade interiors.

Alexander & James sofas are hand crafted and made to order from the finest materials, sourced from around the world. Available as either a scatter back or a formal back.

Alexander & James ‘Lawrence’ – From £935.00

Parker Knoll Devonshire

The Devonshire collection by Parker Knoll gives a classic shape, a stylish new look.  With its neatly tailored arms, chrome castor feet and option of formal of scatter back you can create an appealing style to lift your living room.

Key Feature:

  • British made
  • 25 year frame guarantee
  • Available as formal or scatter back
  • Also available in leather
  • Encore fibre seat interior
  • Chrome castor with 3 leg finishes
Parker Knoll Devonshire – From £799.00

Ercol Upholstery

Ercol upholstery has always been a bit of a favourite at Ward Brothers. Since 1920 their designs have consistently adapted with the times whilst never losing what they stand for; Furniture built for function, design and beauty. Take a look at just a selection of the upholstery ranges on offer from Ercol, alternative sizes and cover choices are available in our Doncaster showroom.

The Serroni is a stylish design combined with generous seating and distinctive curved arms formed using solid oak to provide this collection with an appeal which will stand the test of time.

The Serroni is a stylish design combined with generous seating and distinctive curved arms formed using solid oak to provide this collection with an appeal which will stand the test of time.

Ercol Serroni – From £1,199.00


Furniture Care Guide

Upholstered Furniture

Proper care and maintenance will prolong the life of your furniture. Look for any available information – it is often hidden and may be a label under the seat cushion, in the seat/back junction, or on the base. Alternatively it may be provided separately as a small pamphlet. If you are unable to find any information, then ask.

  • Regularly turn and interchange the positions of reversible cushions on constantly used upholstery. This will prevent excessive soiling and uneven wear
  • Zips at the back of cushion covers are there to aid the manufacturing process and do not necessarily mean that the cover is removable for cleaning purposes
  • Smooth our creases in the cushions to prevent them becoming permanent and causing early wear
  • Avoid exposing furniture to direct sunlight and/or heat whether direct or indirect for long periods of time as this may result in fading or degradation. Protect the furniture by drawing curtains and blinds whenever possible
  • Avoid snagging the fabric: pet’s claws, jewellery, buckles, zips/studs etc are all potential hazards
  • Leather should be cleaned in accordance with manufacturer/retailer instructions. Using the incorrect solutions could damage the surface of the leather
  • Trim loose threads, do not pull them
  • Don’t put pressure on unsupported panels of upholstery (e.g. outside arms and backs) and don’t sit on the arms
  • Do not wash or dry clean the fabric of your furniture unless the manufacturer’s instructions specifically state this can be done

Cabinet Furniture

Modern finishes are generally hard wearing and require little maintenance. However, care during use will help to prevent damage and will prolong the life of your furniture.

  • When moving the furniture protect the surface from knocks and scratches. Corners and edges are particularly prone to accidental damage and need covering during moving
  • Once item is in its new position make sure it stands level to ensure smooth opening of the doors and running of the drawers. Never use force on the doors, drawers or carcass
  • When selecting a position for furniture, ensure that it is in a place where it will not be exposed to excessive sunlight. Neither should it be in a position where there is direct heat, such as next to a radiator, as this may cause damage to both the surface and the wooden structure
  • When using the surface for serving food and drinks, or any item that may be wet, always use protective mats and coasters. If any hot serving dishes are used, special protection will be needed
  • If any spillages do occur, whether hot or cold, make sure they are wiped up immediately


Natural settlement is a feature of high quality mattresses and provided the manufacturer’s turning instructions are followed, settlement and bedding down of fillings should occur more evenly across the mattress. (There will still be some visible signs of the mattress settling to the contours of the body, but regular turning will make this less pronounced).

  • Check carefully – some specific mattresses are not supposed to be turned and the manufacturer’s recommendations will make this clear
  • Use a good quality mattress protector to prevent soiling and staining. If your mattress becomes wet stand it on its side and dry it away from direct heat
  • Don’t bend or role a mattress as this will damage it
  • Regular brushing/gentle vacuuming and airing of a mattress is often recommended
  • When turning a mattress don’t support its entire weight with any handles-they are meant to help move and position it but not carry its entire weight
  • Don’t sit directly on the edge of a mattress, particularly with a sprung edge divan
  • Don’t stand, walk or jump on your bed. Beds are designed to spread weight over an even area and too much weight in one area can damage springs, seams or fillings

We would like you to visit our furniture store doncaster, enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee and browse at your leisure. We do not employ high pressure sales staff; however our experienced team are readily available to offer you any help and advice you may need to ensure you make the right choice for your home.

Whatever your taste and whatever your budget we can guarantee your visit will be enjoyable and worthwhile.

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