Ways & Means – ‘The Microphone Fiend EP’

Bristol beat masters Ways & Means are back once again with a collection of multi tempo bass music spanning Glitch Hop, Hip Hop Breaks and Tech Funk. Featuring Bristol rappers Chattabox from Three Kings High and K*Ners.

Ways & Means have had over 70 releases in the breaks and bass music genre for a number of years under a variety of labels such as LOT49, Bombtraxx and their own imprint audio23 but their recent musical exploits have really opened their sound up to a new audience and have put their musical size 9s into glitch hop and urban bass music.


The Microphone Fiend EP is a collaboration with 2 of Ways & Means favourite Bristol wordsmiths. First up is K.Ners who is the latest in a succession of musical lyrical innovators from Bristol who has gained much respect from the music industry since releasing his debut Hip Hop album “K In Da Flesh”

Second up is Chattabox, vocalist of indie funksters Three Kings High, signed to Reel Me Records. Chattabox’s humour through his lyrics make great listening and when both rappers and joined by the dirty beats and filthy bass that has become a trademark for Ways & Means, they deliver a varied and heavy EP of glitch hop and electro.

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