Why Carp Fishing Is So Popular With Beginners

Among the most popular fishing types for beginners is carp fishing. It’s a step up from catching a little fish but it’s not going to require you to buy specialist equipment or even go on a training course; although it would help. Carps are also good fighters so they give beginners a chance to test their mettle. Carps can grow to about 40-80cm so they’re pretty big catches. They have beautiful large scales, with a classic mouth and whiskers. The common carp can be between 2-14kg and the grass carp can be up to a whopping 25kg. Considering other fish, that’s not too large but still big enough to give any beginner a good challenge. So here’s what you need to do to enjoy your hobby.


Know where to fish

Knowing where to find carps in your local area or region is the first test. Carps like to hang around hanging trees or fallen trees. They like to swim in the shallow parts of rivers and lakes. They like to swim in hard bottom grounds so gravel instead of silt is where you’ll find them. A classic place where they like to swim is by the edges of rivers, where there is tall grass, and overhanging trees with brands and leaves just above the surface. This gives them a good snack point, as flies and other creatures sometimes fall off and into the water. The tall grass gives them a good shielded hiding place from land predators.

The rod

The rod should be about 8-12 feet long and have a curve mark of about 3lbs for a beginner. The highest curve you will want is about 4.5lbs. You need a flexible rod as carps are good strong swimmers. You can use a braid line which is a good happy-medium for beginners as the strain signs will be clearly visible and won’t catch you off guard. The breaking strain should be about 10-15lbs for beginners. This way you can fight small to medium carps and if a large one is hooked, you won’t be dragged into the water with it.

The other equipment

Carps don’t usually have you waiting too long, but even still you need some equipment that will make your fishing experience pleasant. Head on over to CPS Tackle where you can buy the Aqua Transformer Chair or the Avid Carp A Spec Chair, both designed for comfort and durability. A good chair for fishing will be both relaxed, comfortable to sit in, but a good strong platform from which to reel in your catch. They also have some others like a buoyant weigh sling, so you keep your things high and dry, as you wait by the water or in the river itself. And of course, a Cookware bag is always handy for your own food

Carp fishing is a brilliant test for any beginner. It’s not a dangerous catch, but it will teach you a lot about shallow water fishing and wrestling with a medium to small-sized fish. Be safe, have fun, and keep reeling em’ in.

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