Why Has Range Rover Come Back In A Big Way?

You may have noticed that British cars are seeing a new resurgence in popularity. There are more British made and British brand cars that are being exported to countries like Japan, America and South Africa than ever before in the UK car industry. The question is, why is this happening now of all times? It’s not just the boom of small businesses and even greater export channels that are making import and export easier. It’s the fact that, finally British cars are being given the credit they always had but on a much larger scale. Stylish, sleek and technologically advanced, the attributes that make any car great have always been there. Chief among the reasons is because British cars bring something all other nations do not. Grace and pace is the name of the game, and the UK is the best at it. One of the all time greats in this factor is Range Rover, and it looks like this manufacturer is making perhaps the biggest comeback.

The crossover effect

What’s going on now in the car industry is nothing short of an evolution. Now, cars like the estate, hatchback and 4×4 off roads are being merged into one single package. The crossover SUV is by far the most popular type of car right now. It has all the space of an estate, but the compactness of a hatchback while having the shape and size of a traditional 4×4 off road vehicle. What Range Rover have dished out in this regard is the Velar. It’s got the classic blocky wide and tall styling that makes models like the Range Rover so popular but it’s a smaller version. However it’s a sleeker design with a more angled rake position. You can choose from a 2.0-litre or 3.0-litre hybrids which achieve 8.5 and 6.3 seconds to 60mph respectively. The average torque of this 2,500kg SUVs is a very adequate 516lb-ft.

The classics still matter

You would think that the foreign market would be obsessed with German and Japanese large cars but actually, even the rather lackluster American drivers know that the Range Rover is by far the best in class. Take a look at the Hilton Car Supermarket where they do in fact have the classic Range Rover models. They have the 2016 sport model which has a 3.0-litre V6 pushing out 288bhp but a punchy 600lb-ft of torque. This allows the car to achieve a combined 38 miles per gallon which for a 2.5-3,000kg car, that isn’t bad at all. It can also hit 60mph in just 7.2 seconds. With the adaptive suspension control, it also sits lower in the sport mode thus making cornering a lot more enjoyable. The classics are still going strong because they continue to be updated and it’s an iconic car to drive in the first place.

Why Has Range Rover Come Back In A Big Way?

Range Rover just like many other British brands is very popular overseas and it’s easy to see why. With newer crossover models coming out like the Velar and the Evoque, the brand is keeping up with the times.

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