Why You Should Bite The Bullet And Buy A Bentley

You might think that buying a Bentley is way out of your price range. And you’re right – if you buy one brand new.

But, of course, this being the car market, you don’t have to buy new. You can make do with second-hand very nicely, thank you very much!


If you want to buy a brand new Bentley, expect to pay over £100,000. But second hand, prices are way more favourable. Car Hunters says that it can find second-hand Bentleys for just over £20,000 – 20 percent of the new asking price.

For most people, that kind of value is hard to ignore. You can buy an ultra-premium car for less than the price of the average family saloon brand new. It’s quite a bargain.

What’s more, Bentleys come with a host of additional benefits that go well beyond the car itself. When you drive a Bently, you certainly feel the difference.

Get Treated Better On The Road

Imagine for a second that you’re driving down the M1 in a three-wheeler. How do you think other drivers will treat you? The answer is not well. It’s not that drivers are deliberately trying to be mean. It’s just that the majority of people will unconsciously see you as less important than they are and barge right through. It’s hard to command respect when the vehicle you drive is so pathetic.

Contrast that to driving a second-hand Bentley. Bentleys are so rare that most people can’t tell whether you’re in the latest version or not. Even if your Bentley is ten years old, people will see your car as a symbol of your status and an indication that they should respect you. Again, all of this is unconscious, but it makes a tremendous difference on the road. You’ll be surprised just how well people treat you.

Get All The Incredible Features Of Less Prestigious Brands

The luxury car market used to have a problem. It had nailed the branding and performance, but it didn’t offer customers the features that they needed to make their driving experiences enjoyable.


Around fifteen years ago, Bentley made a conscious effort to change all that. The company knew that it didn’t have the resources to spearhead all that R&D itself, but it realized that it could create partnerships with companies that had done all the hard work and buy their technology from them.

Today, Bentleys come with Bluetooth, heated and cooled seats, parking assistance, keyless ignition, and full climate control. Virtually nothing is left to chance.

Get The Performance Of A Two-Door Coupe

Bentley makes powerful cars (despite the luxury branding). The 2015 Bentley Continental GT, for instance, had a 4.0L V8 engine which could develop more than 500 bhp at 6,000 rpm. The Bentley Flying Spur was even more ridiculous sporting 6.0 litre, W12 engine which produced more than 616 bhp, totally outgunning the Mercedes Maybach S600.

To put all this into perspective, the Mercedes AMG GT produces just 503 bhp, and that is widely considered a supercar.

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