Why You Should Get A Van Instead Of A Car

If you’ve ever thought about getting a car, you may have wondered what the benefits are over having a car – if any. More and more people are finding that a van gives them everything they get from a car and a lot more. Still not sure? Here’s why you should consider getting a van instead of a car.

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You can use the van however you’d like

You have very few configuration options when you buy a car; you can normally fold down one or two seats, and that’s it. With a van, how you configure the interior space is entirely up to you. Extra seating, a storage space, recreational fittings, even a mini workspace can be added. For a car, the manufacturer decides how the vehicle should be used. You’re the one in command with a van.

They’re just as cost convenient

When you think about getting a car, one of the first things that spring to mind is finding a dealership that sells used cars. Well, you can do exactly the same with vans! You can find used vans in dealerships that can offer a large range of different sized vans. Just like when you’re shopping for a car, you can find a size van that suits you with added features to make driving it more pleasurable.

Not only that, SUVs are inflexible in use and when loaded, they suck up a lot of fuel. When carrying heavy loads, vans are designed to save fuel. Furthermore, the opportunity to see farther ahead helps you to slow down the gears of the van instead of unexpectedly slamming on the brakes that consume a lot of fuel.

Ideal for trips with kids

You can have a double row of seats and use it for the school run due to the extra room in a van, but you still have enough space and versatility to bring in some camping equipment, attach the bikes on the back and head off for a day in the woods or a camping weekend.

Safer position for driving

You’re higher up than in a car in most vans, so you get better views and can foresee driving decisions because you can see straight ahead, which offers a safer journey.

Comfort first!

Car manufacturers boast about luxury, but the reality is that vans are easier to drive. They have to be because they’re made to be comfortable enough to be driven all day.


Customizing a van with an awesome design, or an all-over wrap is much simpler. If you do this to cars, they can end up looking ridiculous. Because of the larger surface area, vans call pull it off, meaning you can utilise your van for business use as well as personal use.

Easier for older and disabled people

Finally, due to the fact cars can be very low, older and disabled people often struggle getting in and out of their cars. Vans offer a higher driving position, making it easier for those that find it hard to get into a low vehicle.

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