Your Used Car Can Look as Good as New

Buying a used car is often the sensible option. They’re cheaper and you don’t have the massive depreciation issue to deal with. However, there’s no denying that there’s something special about buying, and admiring a shiny new car too.

If you’re the sensible type and you’ve chosen to either buy or keep a used car for a bit longer, but you long for a car that looks as good as new, here are a few low-budget things you can do to make your used car look as good as new…

Your Used Car Can Look as Good as New

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Clean it thoroughly

You may not be able to get that new car smell back, but you can do a good job of making your car look as good as new by thoroughly cleaning every nook and cranny. I mean, you need to seriously deep clean that thing ensuring that everything from the exterior body to the carpets and upholstery are completely spotless. If you don’t have time for that, have a professional car cleaning company take care of it for you, and once it’s clean, stay on top of it.

Change the air filter

New cars are great because they don’t seem to produce quite as much bad air as older vehicles, but you know what, you can improve your var’s air quality for very little by replacing the air filters. This will have the added advantage of boosting your vehicle’s horsepower a little too. You may even be able to do this yourself if you know your way around a car, so it needn’t cost very much money at all.

Get New Seat Covers

Older fabrics can be a dead giveaway that your car isn’t particularly young. Luckily, it has never been easier to replace car seat covers with a new set. You can very easily find ready-made seat covers for most makes and model of car online, If that isn’t possible, you could run some up yourself, or have a decent seamstress do it for you although this is likely to be a little more expensive. Look at new cars and see what kinds of fabric and patterns they are using, and then copy them if you want to fit in, or choose a really interesting fabric if you want your car to stand out a bit.

Repair the Wheels

A kerbed alloy wheel repair will make your wheel trims shiny and bright once again, which will go a long way to making your car look as good as new. Get a professional to do it for best results.

A Coat of Paint

If you can afford it, nothing has the ability to transform a used car like a nice coat of paint. It creates a shiny new exterior that hides any blemishes and ensures that your car does not look too shabby amongst newer models. Of course, unless you really know your stuff, it’s best to leave a new paint job to a professional, which means this isn’t the cheapest option on the list, but it is the most effective, and it’s certainly cheaper than buying a whole new car!

As well as making your used car look good, you might want to think about revamping it so it performs well again. You can find lots of tips for that online, and it can make running a used car even more attractive. Love the car you have!

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